04 Februari 2009

Visual Basic Version 6.0

argh i bet everyone were having such a difficult time to search for VB ver 6.0 download link since I experienced it myself .
no actual words can describe how hard it is .
haha tho its not realy sound dat pathetic .
but the version is almost not exist huh .
from my experience i could only find service pack , tutorial etc but NOT the download link .
so i guess dis will be very helpful to those who searching for dis coz we are currently using dis version to do our IT project especially to those who took IT for SPM would know dis .
its in the chapter PROGRAMMING .
credits will be given to Mrs. Faridah for giving permission to distribute dis . huhu
n to me, for uploading dis which almost kill my bed time .
but it still worth it so i hope everyone will appreciate dis & not hesitate to distribute dis .
so feel free to do so . hehe

ok enough talking . haha
besides not everyone gonna read dis so here's the link .
it is in .zip file and quite heavy so make sure u download dis early so dat u wont end up waiting for it to finish until the next day .

GET YOUR Visual Basic Version 6.0 HERE

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